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Working prototype

I wanted to redesign the UI and brand of this app to give it a better look. Additionally, I expanded some features based on user preferences and created a new structure that aligns better with user expectations and flows.
User research, features ideations, data and text are all created by the knowledge of Chat GPT

Chat GPT - Redesign

Unlike the current app, I figured the main screen should show all chats instead of a new one open. People are more familiar with this flow, like in WhatsApp or Telegram

New home screen with list of all chats

 Chat settings screen according to the wizard and users settings

In collaboration with GPT, I realized the importance of creating a quick wizard to add new chats, ensuring its adaptability to different user needs on every occasion

Users made it clear they want a specific tone in their chats, so we set up two steps in the wizard just for that. You get to pick how the chat talks and even the tone for your brand.
Here’s a snippet of the chat between me and ChatGPT discussing this requirement

Controlling the tone-of-voice

If you were a UX designer who needs to think about a new feature for ChatGPT, what would you offer


Hi! As a UX designer for ChatGPT, I’d emphasize improving user experience, interactivity, and usefulness. Here are some valuable feature ideas:
Customizable Personality and Tone: Allow users to personalize the AI’s personality and tone to better match their preferences, whether it’s professional, friendly, humorous, or other styles.

Chat GPT

Can you say more about the Tone-of-voice?


Personalized Tone-of-Voice Users might have different preferences for how they want the AI to communicate with them. Some users may prefer a friendly and casual tone, while others might prefer a more formal or professional tone. By allowing users to select a tone-of-voice that suits their personal style, the AI can create a more comfortable and enjoyable conversational experience.

Brand Voice: For businesses or individuals representing a brand, having the AI speak in the brand’s voice is crucial for maintaining consistency in customer interactions. This ensures that the AI’s responses align with the brand’s image, values, and communication style, providing a unified experience across various touchpoints.

Chat GPT

A chat with your colleagues sharing the same AI expert and history

Brand voice

Personalized Tone-of-voice

Chat settings screen according to wizard and users settings

Add colleagues to a chat

In the chat list, you can find an individual chat with the AI and a group chat with your colleagues. Users have the flexibility to change these settings at any time, allowing them to customize their chat experience. Similar to a WhatsApp group, users can add or remove people according to their preferences

Control chat settings any time

Each chat comes with its distinctive tone of voice, tailored to both the conversational style and the brand’s overall tone. Users have the ability to view and modify this tone at any time according to their preferences