New B2B platform for car agencies

UX design

Carwiz – Car index with a smart AI filter


Carwiz is a smart revolution for second hand cars. In this project I focused on the platform used by car agencies to advertise their cars

The Problem

There is no perfect synchronization between the cars on Carwiz and the real stock within the agencies

Hi! Let’s get acquainted

As a part of this project, I talked with the target audience – car agencies’ employees to understand their needs from this platform

Kobi Ashcenazi

Inventory manager
Manages the inventory via desktop

Dvir Dahan

Salesman in big car agency Manages his entire workflow via his phone

Moshe Amsalem

Car agency owner
Having a hard time with technology and complex programs

What I found out

Users are not updating their stock because the inaccessibility of the program makes it hard to find a specific car

The users are not tech-savvy, so I need to create a simple and clear user experience

Users will be happy to come back to an interface with a friendly personal attitude

The new platform

I created user-friendly interface with easily accessible actions

The addition of personal attitude within the interface helped motivate users to update their inventory on a daily basis

No more tables

Now it’s easier than ever to find a car from the stock

Large cards with car’s photo and clear details

New button that helps users easly mark a new car sale

Before and after

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