EchSham is a social app that rates burgers with in-depth, detailed reviews – a unique focus among review apps. I handled research, UX/UI design, microcopy, and branding for the project.


A real burger rating social app

The goal was to create a social application where you can rate the places where you have eaten, and also see the overall score. The main emphasis is on the accuracy of the score, achieved through the use of a smart questionnaire

We surveyed 30 potential burger lovers to find out what’s important to them in a burger. Using their answers, we created a questionnaire that calculates a final score based on key parameters for a great burger experience. We have covered six topics, and based on the weight percentage from the complete questionnaire, these are the three most important topics.

The Questionnaire






Burger patty

Big questionnaire to user-freindly interface

We created a user-friendly interface for a 20-question survey by making the three most important questions mandatory and the remaining questions optional. This approach allows users to focus on what they noticed during their meal without being overwhelmed by lengthy questions

To encourage greater user engagement and promote detailed reviews, we’ve created a system of medals based on user qualifications within the application. Additionally, we’ve provided users with the ability to indicate their preferred food choices, enabling others to determine if their reactions are trustworthy and add them to their list of friends.

Profile achievements and medals

Furthermore, we've implemented a system of titles awarded based on user activity levels, as well as randomized avatar changes to enhance the user experience.

Our goal was to establish a brand that could embody the persona of a trusted friend – relatable, authentic, and approachable. By utilizing non-prestigious branding and adopting a micro copy style that speaks on the user’s level, we were able to create a voice that’s friendly and even adds a touch of humor at times

Brand deisgn and identity

APP Icon in mobile home page screen

QR Code sticker

Restaurant screen

Add new review – step 1

Level-up popup

User screen

The app is in store

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